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What makes "Junk Removal Training 101" qualified to offer a course on starting a Junk Removal business? I've been doing Junk Removal for over 22 years and have made MILLIONS OF DOLLARS doing it.

After I got married 44 years ago, achieving my own financial independence and security for my family became an important goal of mine. Year after year I struggled, but I never gave up searching for the answers that would help get me there. So my wife and I bought a used pickup truck for $400 and started a Junk Removal company and discovered the unlimited potential of this fantastic business. It wasn't long before our little pickup truck became a money making machine, and we were making $500 a day or more for a single day's work! In a few short years we were making more than half a million dollars a year! Of course as with any new company, there was a bit of a learning curve as we discovered what worked and what didn't. We didn't have a guide to help us in our endeavor... but now you do! Once we established a system, we couldn't believe how easy this business was to run. I knew I was on to something!

Now, I've spent the last 8 years carefully putting this training course together to make sure that every important aspect to starting, running and building a successful, sustainable Junk Removal Business is included. This course is a compilation of my 22 years of experience and knowledge. I am confident that if you take my "Junk Removal Training 101" training course and follow the guidelines and apply the concepts, strategies and techniques with a passion and a determination for success, you will find that this business can change your life, as it did mine!

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